Get Social

On February 14th 2017 I attended a seminar called ‘Get Social’. The purpose of this seminar was to teach the audience about the importance of effective marketing through social media in todays modern market.


Paul Hayes 


Our first speakers was Paul Hayes, founder of Beachhut PR. After years of working in the marketing industry Paul shared with us some of his best tips for companies to follow while first tackling digital marketing. One mistake many companies make in their online marketing strategy is talking about themselves too much. According to Paul the key to sending an effective message about your company is not talking about the company itself, but the effect that said company has on the market. Its much more impressive for a company to be able to talk about how they have changed the market around them as oppose to how they adapted their product to the market. This shows the product strength when marketing through social media.

Another tip Paul had for us was to make sure that we remind our customers of how make them feel when using our product. A company should focus on a customers experience while using the product and reenforcing that feeling should be the company goal when marketing their product. For example, perfume ads don’t advertise their product as good value or even nice smelling. It’s all about the lifestyle thats associated with the product.

Matthew Weil 


Matthew Weil is the head of product for Voicesage. Matthew had a very clear message for the audience, the key to engagement requires all forms of communication, voice, email, social media, video, the internet of things and chat-bots. All of these mediums must be used equally and effectively if a company wishes to successfully communicate with customers. I will discuss the benefits of two of these communications to any business

In the modern market video is one of the most important mediums of communication. According to , Youtube users collectively watch 46,000 years worth of content annually and anyone familiar with youtube will know that it is rife with advertising from companies, both small and big. With this much video content being consumed each year companies need to be able to to communicate their products message on a video platform and in an engaging manner.

Social media is important for companies to utilise as it acts as a direct link between the company and the consumer. It is a medium for feedback from customers on existing products and advertising to customers on new products. If customers see that a company is easily contactable through social medium they won’t hesitate to give said company feedback on their products or ask questions when they need to. Also having a page on Facebook allows customers to communicate together in a forum style, helping each other and giving unbiased opinions of a companies product.

“Consumers like to network with people who have interests and desires that are similar to their own. Organizations can leverage this desire by creating communities of like-minded individuals.” Faults,Glynn (2009). A platform for communication between customers is clearly beneficial to a company as it provides a place for customers to share their experiences of the products with each other, which is effectively free advertising.


Anne Marie Boyhan

Anne Marie is head of social at Bank of Ireland, a position which is becoming more and more important everyday with the widespread growth of social media. Bank of Ireland are incredibly active in the social media community, be it on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Anne Marie spoke about creating, collaborating and curating your social media advertising. Creating is how a business tells its story through social media, Bank of Ireland have done this through their video strategy. They have produced various videos on their Facebook and Youtube pages advertising their  products such as there mortgage saver programme.


As I have already discussed, advertising through sites like Youtube is incredibly beneficial to companies like Bank of Ireland as it reaches thousands of people across the country every day. Bank of Irelands short comedic sketch is perfect as it is quick to the point and engaging for their target audience.

Collaborating means that companies look to work with larger companies who have a wider reach than themselves in order to send a message which is beneficial to both parties. Recently Bank of Ireland has teamed up with Ikea in order to promote each brand. Bank of Ireland recently released this promo video on their Youtube page promoting their competition in partnership with Ikea to win €5000 worth of Ikea vouchers.


Finally, curating means that a company enables their audience to amplify their message. By setting up competitions on Facebook where contestants must like and share a post in order to be in with a chance of winning Bank of Ireland receive free publicity from their audience who are sharing the Bank of Ireland Facebook page with all of their friends who then see it and decide to enter the competition themselves, sharing the page further.


Aisling Tobin


Aisling Tobin is the Brand Manager for Jameson and she had a few tips for us when it came to social media engagement. Firstly we must listen, customers are on social media 24 hours a day. They are constantly connected, talking about the things they like and more often than not, the things they don’t. For a company to be successful in their social media marketing campaigns they must listen to what their customers are saying about the product, what they like about it and what they want changed. This allows a company to develop a product that their customers will enjoy and tell their friends about .

Another tip given to us by Aisling is the importance of high quality content. Businesses want to send their customers a message through social media and the best way to do this is by producing high quality content in order to convey this message. Content that is current and promotes the brand is key for getting the brands name in the heads of their target audience.  For example,  with the St.Patricks day coming up Jameson posted the following video in order to promote the driving of their product this St.Patricks day.


Aisling also spoke about the importance of being disruptive but relevant. This means tats you must promote your brand by being outrageous and trying new ways to get your brand recognised and shared, but at the same time you have to keep true to your brand. This means not doing things that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons.


Hugh Curran 


Hugh Curran is a digital transformation consultant. This entails assisting business in their digital marketing endeavours. Through Hughs years of experience he was able to provide us with advice on digital marketing that are vital for any company to take in order to be successful. Creating new and original content is vital for any business, it gets you noticed and ensures that your product is made memorable among competitors.

For example, in 2012  Dollar Shave Club was a relatively small company and needed to break onto the market.  CEO Michael Dubin  decided to make their own comedic ad in order to launch their company into a social spotlight . Michael thought he could put his stand up background to work and created the ad that would become a viral video, which has now been viewed over 24 million times. (Watch the video its very funny)


Security is also of big importance when it comes to digital marketing. Companies must keep their social media accounts monitored in order to ensure that no posts are made which could be harmful to a company reputation. All posts should be scheduled in advance and verified before they are posted to allow for maximum security and control of the social media activity.


Paul Berney


Paul Berney is CEO and founder of mCordis and believes that connectivity is the future of digital marketing. According to Paul, connected devices are the key to fully maximising the effectivity of digital marketing. This is because the more connected our devices are, the more connected we are to the internet at any given time.

We must merge our physical world with the digital world in order to advance further in our digital marketing capabilities. A perfect example of this was the craze of Pokemon GO. The app engrossed people in the digital world of Pokemon training while forcing them to interact in the physical world. Through nostalgia and an excellent product concept the app was a huge success, this is as a result of the merging of the physical and digital worlds.

Google glass is also an excellent example of the merging of the physical and digital world. The idea was to allow people instant access to the internet at any given time, without even taking their phones out of their pockets. The  Google Glass would’ve been perfect for companies to advertise online as it would allow companies to advertise their products as their customers see them in the real world.



Overall I found the Get Social to be very beneficial to anyone looking for information on social marketing which can be applied to any business, old or new. The seminar showed us the importance of things like content, engagement, originality and connectivity through real world examples and experience. I believe that anyone looking to enter into social marketing could easily apply the information given to us at this seminar to their business and use it to develop a strong social media presence with their customers.





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