Get Digital

Over the years it has become more and more important for business to make the leap into the digital world. It is vital for both the survival and development of any modern business. Creating a digital connection allows for better customer service, more avenues for innovation and expansion and an overall more competitive business. The conference we attended gave us insight into the effect of a digital connection on a business as illustrated by the presenters, Alistair Croll, David Erixon and Dr. Johnny Walker.

Dr. Johnny Walker

Dr. Johnny Walkey is an interventional radiologist and a nuclear physician based here in Dublin. Dr. Walker spoke to us about his experiences overs many years as a doctor and the impact he was able to make on the lives of the people around him. one particular thing Johnny discussed was the work he did with the aboriginal people in the bush in his native land of Australia. Johnny had found that there were a high number of cases of mothers dying due to complications while in labour. Johnny realised he was able to help these people by setting up an ultrasound kit in the back of a van and driving out into the bush to perform ultrasound tests on the mothers, thus being able to identify any complications that may arise in labour before it was too late. Johnny was able to find these women who were in danger of facing serious complications while in labour and fly them to the nearest hospital where they could receive the care they needed.

dr walker


It soon became abundantly clear that a more economical solution was needed. This is when he came up with the idea for a telemedicine network. A system of doctors around the world who were available at all times to offer advice to people who were in need of help but were too far from a real doctor to receive it in time. This is how Global brandingDiagnostics was born. This digital connection has helped thousands of people who were in desperate need of it, and without it people in remote areas of the world would still be suffering today.



Alistair Croll


Alistair Croll is another presenter who spoke to us at the get digital conference. Alistair spoke to us about how different things in life reconnected in ways we don’t even realise, but I took a different view of the presentation. I was fascinated by what Alistair spoke about, in terms of how there is more and more of a digital connection in our world and we dot even realise. One thing Alistair Alistair spoke about is automated farming. One hundred years ago 70% of americans lived on a farm, now less than 1% do. It is a shocking statistic but when you think about it, its not shocking at all. Farming moves towards total automation each year, it is not a job of the future due to automated harvesters and milk pumps for cows. In less than a hundred years time there will be no more farmers left in America.



It is this digital innovation that fuels the modern world that will slowly cream us closer and closer to total automation. A world without work is a concept believed by many to be an inevitability. With robots being able to perform more efficiently and constantly it only makes sense that in the next 100 years that most of the jobs that we know today will be taken over by a machine. Nigel Cameron goes into detail about this in his TED talk:


David Erixon


David Erixon is head of digital and customer innovation for Ulster Bank. Davids presentation focused on the the future of banking, but more specifically in the area of things like cloud integration for the modern consumer. I found Davids presentation to be incredibly interesting bad on what he believes to be the future of banking. There has been a surge in innovation in online banking over the last few years, all with the aim of digitally connecting a customers various banking accounts. According to David less than 2% of all transactions are made with physical money, which makes it clear that in the coming years online banking will become more present in our modern lives.

David spoke about a new banking service called 22Seven, a company with the goal of digitally linking all of your banking accounts in order to make online banking more convenient for its users.



This is a big leap forward in online banking in todays market. A service that gives you constant access to all your accounts is incredibly handy for both consumers and businesses. It will also allow for increased security the sense consumers and businesses will be able to see previous transactions across accounts and thus quickly identify any irregularities.



Digital connectivity has become a part four modern lives without us even realising it. It controls the food we harvest, the care we receive and the security of our money. But in the future it will become even more integrated than it is today. GPs will reduce in numbers when easy to treat ailments will be handled by a system which has built up knowledge over time provided by GPs in the past. Farmers will be replaced with automated equipment and organisations managing the worlds food supply. Physical banks will become no more as we make the final transition to complete digital banking. The truth is we are on a road to a new world run by automated technology. A truth some may not accept but weather like it or not it is the inevitable.



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